developers' silly rhymes. lov'em. lov'em.
1.. no REST for the wicked
2.. OUT! sometime
3.. OUT! sometime

Why would anybody name a computer language after a giant snake?
It's Python.
Everybody says, well what's Python? It's a snake.
Well, no, it's named after something different. It's named after Monty Python's Flying Circus!

Classical VS Prototypical Inheritance
Most popular object-oriented languages used today, including Java and C++, rely on classical inheritance, which means object behavior is defined by creating explicit classes and instantiating objects from those classes. So, they are called “strongly typed” languages because you need to be very explicit about the type of parameters that you pass around the method.
JavaScript has a much more fluid method of defining classes based on the idea of prototypes, which means you create an actual object that behaves the way you want and then create child objects off of that. JavaScript is called “dynamically-typed” language, because parameters and references are not type-checked, meaning you can pass any type of object as a parameter to any function, and that function happily treats that object like the type of whatever object it was expecting, until something blows up.
Pascal Rettig

 I wanna go home
     just get me back
        get me outta here