Talin Apkarian is a programmer who has written code in many languages and platforms.
- hunting lunch in the database, algorithm & user interface fields.
- playing around with graphics and sound.
Over the last 9 years, she's been into FrontEnd WebApp Development & other implementations of visual literacy within technology, using Vue.JS, Angular.JS, Ember.JS, JQuery.JS, Processing.JS, while she's a CSS expert.
Born and raised in Athens, she spends time traveling around. She's been for a while in Crete, where she has found a great balance between digital and physical world.


BSc Digital Systems
University of Piraeus

MOOC Introduction to Computational Arts: Processing
Distinction - State University of New York - my projects online

MOOC Introduction to Computational Arts: Visual Arts
Distinction - State University of New York

Working experience

Hack The Box | 2019 - current | Front-end Developer.
Vue.JS, Html, Css, JSON, Git, Vuetify

Mobics & Codefactory | 2016 - 2019 | Front-end Developer.
Angular.JS, Html, Css, JSON, Git, Vue.JS, Bootstrap, Angular Material, Vuetify, JQuery

Beenotes | 2015 - 2016 | Front-end Developer.
Ember.JS, Html, Css, JSON, Git, C3.Js, D3.js, Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation

Web-based Information Systems Software Development including DataBase, Middleware & UserInterface levels. [PL/SQL, Oracle Database, Oracle ADF, Jdeveloper, Oracle Portal, Java/Xml/Html/Css/Javascript]

Non-programming languages

Greek, Armenian, English, Spanish, <body> ;)


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Done For Fun & Relax [JavaScipt / JQuery, HTML5, CSS3]


26 Aug 2015 | It's a bloggy style collection of robot "activities", answering on a friend's question, "Sapaki, where are the robots"?

Play the Game

15 Feb 2015 | It's a game [JavaScipt Canvas] It's an open source game of Pascal Rettig that I extend to my edge. For fun and Alex: die, hippie die.

upcoming gig (28 dec 14)

17 Nov 2014 | Music player [jPlayer component] used as audio-teaser for a past gig of 3 bands.


Lexotalin is a programmer, a hobbyist drummer and a girl.
She likes algorithmic data visualization.
She messes around with data that form sound.

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